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1998 Polaris Sportsman 500 Tail Brake Light 2432034


Tested, works well. Has scratches, scuffs, and wear on the lens. In good usable condition, comes as pictured.

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Tested, works well. Has scratches, scuffs, and wear on the lens. In good usable condition, comes as pictured.

This part is compatible with 88 vehicle(s)

1993PolarisBig Boss 350L6x6
1993PolarisBig Boss 2506x6
1993PolarisTrail Boss 2504X4
1993PolarisTrail Blazer 250--
1992PolarisBig Boss 2506x6
1992PolarisTrail Boss 2502x4
1992PolarisTrail Boss 350L4X4
1992PolarisTrail Blazer 250--
1999PolarisWorker 500--
1999PolarisSportsman 5004x4 Remington Special Edition
1999PolarisDiesel 4554X4
1999PolarisWorker 335--
1999PolarisSportsman 335--
1999PolarisXplorer 4004X4
1999PolarisMagnum 5004X4
1999PolarisXpress 300--
1999PolarisBig Boss 5006x6
1999PolarisTrail Boss 250--
1998PolarisSportsman 5004X4
1998PolarisXplorer 3004X4
1998PolarisXpress 300--
1998PolarisBig Boss 5006x6
1999PolarisMagnum 4254X4
1998PolarisMagnum 4254X4
1998PolarisTrail Boss 250--
1997PolarisSportsman 5004X4
1997PolarisXplorer 5004X4
1997PolarisXplorer 3004X4
1997PolarisXpress 400L--
1997PolarisXpress 300--
1997PolarisBig Boss 400L6x6
1997PolarisSportsman 400L 4X4
1997PolarisMagnum 4256x6
1997PolarisTrail Boss 250--
1996PolarisXpress 400L--
1996PolarisXpress 300--
1996PolarisSportsman 5004X4
1996PolarisXplorer 400L--
1996PolarisXplorer 3004X4
1996PolarisBig Boss 400L6x6
1996PolarisTrail Boss 250--
1996PolarisSportsman 4004X4
1996PolarisMagnum 4256x6
1995PolarisXplorer 4004X4
1995PolarisBig Boss 400L6x6
1995PolarisTrail Boss 250--
1995PolarisSportsman 4004X4
1995PolarisMagnum 4254X4
1995PolarisSport 400L--
1995PolarisTrail Boss 3004X4
1995PolarisTrail Blazer 250--
1994PolarisBig Boss 400L6x6
1994PolarisBig Boss 3006x6
1994PolarisSport 400L--
1994PolarisTrail Boss 250--
1994PolarisSportsman 4004X4
1994PolarisPolaris 3002x4
1994PolarisTrail Blazer 250--
1993PolarisSportsman 4004X4
1993PolarisTrail Boss 350L4X4
2002PolarisSportsman 700Twin
2002PolarisSportsman 5004X4
2002PolarisSportsman 4004X4
2002PolarisXplorer 2504X4
2002PolarisMagnum 5004x4
2002PolarisMagnum 3254X4
2002PolarisTrail Boss 325--
2001PolarisWorker 500--
2001PolarisSportsman 5004x4 RSE HO
2001PolarisDiesel 4554X4
2001PolarisSportsman 4004X4
2001PolarisXplorer 4004X4
2001PolarisMagnum 5004X4
2001PolarisMagnum 3254X4
2001PolarisXplorer 2504X4
2001PolarisTrail Boss 325--
2000PolarisXpedition 4254X4
2000PolarisXpedition 3254X4
2000PolarisSportsman 5004x4 RSE
2000PolarisDiesel 4554X4
2000PolarisSportsman 3354X4
2000PolarisXplorer 4004X4
2000PolarisMagnum 5004X4
2000PolarisMagnum 3254X4
2000PolarisXplorer 2504X4
2000PolarisTrail Boss 325--

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