2008-2015 Can-Am DS450 Frame Chassis Front Spar. This is the frame piece that goes vertical from top of frame to bottom of the frame around your radiator.
2008-2015 Can-Am DS450 Frame Chassis Rear Oil Tank Rail. Rear rail that the oil tank bolts up too.
BCS Performance 2008-2015 Can-Am DS450 OEM Axle Bearing Carrier Tube. Normally, stock carriers do not have a center tube which can cause premature bearing failure. Prolong the life of your bearings with this carrier tube.
BCS Performance 2008-2015 Can-Am DS450 Twin Row Axle Carrier Bearing Rebuild Kit. Kit for rebuilding BCS billet bearing carriers.
WHAT IT IS The stock calipers are prone to break and are known for brake fade. This caliper will help solve those problems with it's improved design. HOW IT WORKS Stock calipers, especially older models are known for their pistons freezing or the...
WHAT THEY ARE Replacement clutch steel for a DS450. They are priced at 9.99 for one steel.  IMPORTANT 9 Required for 2009 and up 8 required for 2008 without update
WHAT THIS IS One Replacement clutch friction plate for a DS450 IMPORTANT 9 are required for a complete set.